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Cluedunnit operates and performs in the Noongar country. We acknowledge the Noogar people as the traditional custodians of the Perth and South West WA region and pay our respect to Noongar elders past and present and future generations

About Us

Cluedunnit Murder Mysteries are delighted to announce that we are now based in Perth WA and we look forward to entertaining you and your guests soon with our unique style of dinner theatre.

“I should fancy, however, that murder is always a mistake. One should never do anything that one cannot talk about after dinner.”

 Oscar Wilde 

Cluedunnit Investigates

Who We Are

We are one of the best and longest established murder mystery dinner theatre companies in the world and we are delighted to announce that we are now here in Australia.  Cluedunnit are able to provide high quality murder, mystery & mayhem in WA.  Based in Perth , with a team of over 20 actors, we offer our clients a State wide service.

We are one of the best and longest established murder mystery dinner theatre companies in the world and we are delighted to announce that we are now here in Australia.  Cluedunnit are able to provide high quality murder, mystery & mayhem in WA.  Based in Perth , with a team of over 20 actors, we offer our clients a State wide service.

Cluedunnit’s three-hour dinner theatre shows are a must for fans of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple .  The shows feature a cast of professional actors in 1930’s period costume, bringing variety and spontaneity to each show.  The action and clues flow thick and fast, and the performance is continuous. There is always frenetic competition among the audience as they attempt to reveal the true murderer.

Cluedunnit’s creative writing team create quintessentially English amusing and devious plots.  So, if you are looking for a fully acted murder mystery event or if you simply want to host your own murder using your guests as suspects, then you are in the right place.  We feel we have a Murder Mystery option available to suit most needs, but if you feel you need that ‘special something’ please give us a call.

“In everybody’s life there are hidden chapters which they hope may never be known…”

Agatha Christie

Murder Mystery Options

Cluedunnit’s professional actors offer three distinctly different murder mystery experiences.

Cluedunnit Classic
Cluedunnit Classic

The CLUEDUNNIT classic murder mystery involves six or seven professional actors in a fully interactive, live-action murder mystery that runs throughout the evening, right before the eyes of your guests. There is no stage, no scripted performance; everything happens in ‘real time’, meaning guests are involved in the murder mystery from start to finish.

Our team will be ‘in character’ for the entire event and interact with your guests throughout. The murder mystery unravels in real time, but will anyone be sharp-eyed enough to spot the killer?

The actors will visit you at your table and you can ask them anything you like, and they will respond ‘in character’…but don’t believe everything you hear!

Guests will experience an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery first-hand, complete with interactive characters, clues, evidence and a fiendishly clever plot.

Cluedunnit’s Classic Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is not a scripted play, nor do we perform scenes ‘between the courses’; Our Classic Murder Mystery is best described as immersive dinner theatre.  We have over thirty five years’ experience of creating live-action events at top venues and our team of professional actors are hand-picked  ensuring we have the best performers available to deliver you a memorable murder mystery event.

Uniquely humorous and quintessentially English, an event from Cluedunnit is the perfect combination of intrigue and fun.

Cluedunnit Hosted Murder
Cluedunnit Compered/Hosted

Our popular interactive event in which your guests play both suspects AND detectives! A fun, Agatha Christie-style murder mystery event that can be held at a venue of your choice, anywhere in WA.

CLUEDUNNIT Murder Mysteries provide one or two amazing professional actors ( depends upon numbers)who will create an immersive live-action murder mystery for your party.

Each guest will play a character in our specially written murder mystery format; hilarious, completely interactive and led by our professional team to ensure a successful Murder Mystery event.

How Does a Mini Murder Mystery Work? Our experienced actors will arrive and join you and your guests for the evening. Guests will play the suspects… AND detectives!

Our highly experienced professional Compéres will meet and greet your guests, then set the scene and the Mini Murder Mystery will commence. They are on hand throughout the evening to ensure the laughs keep coming, assist you in finding clues and generally ensure everyone has a great time.

Mini Murder Mysteries are great fun for private parties as they allow everyone to be involved as much or as little as they wish. No acting skills are required…although Oscar-worthy performances are of course encouraged!

Towards the end of the evening, our Detectives will issue Conclusion Sheets to all guests and invite them to formulate their case against the suspect they believe to be the guilty party.

Prizes are awarded to the winners of the murder mystery.

Cluedunnit Team Build Murder
Cluedunnit Team Building

Our professional actors and presenters have years of experience in Role Play and improvised performances. We can use this experience to reinforce company messages and create exciting team building activities.

In the commercial world, clear communication is vital, and so is the gathering of correct information from clients, suppliers, and work colleagues. Working together as a cohesive team with clear allocation of team roles is also a key to success.

Cluedunnit have worked with numerous corporate clients over the years in such markets as banking & finance, accountancy, insurance, and legal advice. We have adapted our popular ‘Dinner Theatre’ Murder Mystery productions to reinforce classroom teachings on such subjects as ‘Open Questioning techniques’, Fact Finding, Time management and Team Roles.

During our 2-3 hour murder mystery performance the various teams will be given small pieces of information or clues. The rest of the information needed to solve the crime and discover the murderer MUST be obtained by using ‘Open Questions’. The delegates must also time manage the proceedings to reach the desired result in the time allocated. We can even gear things so that only certain team members can request information at a given time…thus creating a need to allocate team roles and be adaptable very quickly.

Cluedunnit Murder Mysteries offer serious learning presented in a humorous and relaxed manner.

“Very few of us are what we seem…conversations are always dangerous,

 if you have something to hide…”

Agatha Christie

Coming Events

Cluedunnit invite you to join us for a Murder Mystery dinner theatre experience at one of the following venues.  For bookings please contact the chosen venue directly.

New dates are being added regularly -Please check back

Cluedunnit Sleuth Dinner Theatre Murder Mystery


MARCH  27th – Fri  “MURDERS ON THE NILE”  …Curse of Tutenkhamun?
The PARADE HOTEL BUNBURY  www.paradehotel.com.au


APRIL 18th – Sat  “POKEINGHAM MURDERS”  …where there is a Will?
Belvoir Homestead Swan Valley   http://www.belvoir.net.au/homestead/weddings/upcoming-events/


MAY 2 – Sat  “Night at the Oscars”  …Glitz, glamour & Murder!
INGOT HOTEL -Perth   https://www.ingothotel.com.au/


MAY 9th – Sat “The Pokeingham Mrders”  …where there’s a Will…there’s a MURDER!
The Tradewinds Hotel Fremantle   http://www.tradewindshotel.com.au


JUNE 5th -FRI  “The Pokeingham Murders”  …Where there’s a Will…there’s a murder!
REABOLD TENNIS CLUB -Perth   http://www.reaboldtennis.com.au/


JUNE 13th – Sat  “Fringe Benefits”  …A Theatrical Whodunnit!
Peel Manor House  http://www.peelmanorhouse.com.au


JULY 11th – Sat  “Yule Be Sorry”  … A Festive Whodunnit!
Peel Manor House  http://www.peelmanorhouse.com.au


JULY 17th – Fri  “Yule Be Sorry”  … A Festive Whodunnit!
Belvoir Homestead Swan Valley   http://www.belvoir.net.au


JULY 18th – Sat “Yule Be Sorry”  … A Festive Whodunnit!
Belvoir Homestead Swan Valley   http://www.belvoir.net.au


JULY 22nd – Wed “The Pokeingham Murders”  … where there’s a Will – there’s a murder!
Ambrose Estate Wembley Down   http://www.ambroseestate.com.au


JULY 25th – Sat  “Yule Be Sorry”  … Christmas Party like no other!
Bridgetown Enterprise Bridgetown  –  officemargie@bigpond.com


OCTOBER 30th – Fri  “The Pokeingham Murders”  … Where there’s a Will !
Belvoir Homestead Swan Valley   http://www.belvoir.net.au


NOVEMBER 6th – Fri  “DEAD CERT!”  … A Horse Racing Whodunnit!
Peel Manor House  http://www.peelmanorhouse.com.au

NOVEMBER 21st – Sat “Yule Be Sorry!”  … A Christmas Party like No other!
Hillarys Yacht Club  http://www.hillarysyachtclub.com.au

        “The truth…it has the habit of revealing itself.”

   Hercule Poirot


Cluedunnit have been enjoying sellout performances at numerous venues around WA…here is just a few!

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” 

William Shakespeare

 King Henry VI, Part 2




Cluedunnit Sleuth Dinner Theatre Murder Mystery

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