Murder Mystery Plots |
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Murder Mystery Plots

The Pokeingham Murders

It is 1939 and the English Cotswold beauty spot Pokeingham-Softly-on-the-Wold is mourning the death of elderly heiress Rose Stimper, who had made the quiet village her home for almost seventy years.  Miss Stimper, in an act of philanthropy, has bequeathed the Village a large sum of money and left instructions that the villagers must decide how best to spend it.


A public meeting has been arranged and the village is buzzing with excitement.  Everyone seems to have ideas on how to spend the money and the entire village turns out to attend the meeting at Pokeingham Hall, which has been thrown open for the first time in many years to host the event.


Lord and Lady Pokeingham are all set to welcome you into their home, but beware.  All is not as it seems.  There are dark forces at work in Pokeingham-Softly-on-the-Wold…

A Night At The Oscars

It is 1937 and the crowds have gathered for this year’s National Academy Awards. The scene is set for the two main Film Companies hoping to scoop the top awards. Marjorie – Gae Millington Owner of Centurion Films will be here with the hotly tipped ‘ Love of a Stranger’ Directed by Barton Hayes who is the ‘man of the moment’.


Max Reedmand of rival Company Dream Film Studios will be in attendance looking at the plot of ‘Love Me Baby’ which appears to have a storyline strikingly similar to a script stolen from him earlier this year…


The Evening looks set to be another showdown between these two Companies.


It may of course just be show business rivalry…it couldn’t be anything else, something perhaps more sinister…Or could it?

Playing Around

It is the summer of 1933 and Enid Wilson has won the British Ladies Open Golf Championship at Gleneagles for the third year in a row. Two hundred miles away in the Sleepy City of Wells, Somerset the party to launch the opening of the new Mendip Fairways Golf Course is about to begin.


Local property developer Sebastian Frazer welcomes his guests, all of whom cannot wait to play a round at this championship grade course. Sebastian’s two business partners, Beatrice Wynn and Rupert Pottinger, cannot wait to see the membership list grow, especially at £500.00 per year. His loyal PA, Annabella Devonport,  is busily ticking of the VIP’s as they arrive, including Connie Beauchamp, the most sort after fashion designer for female golf wear.


On such a joyous occasion what could possibly handicap proceedings?

Murders On The Nile

You are cordially invited to join us aboard the steamboat ’SUDAN’ on the River Nile, for an exclusive cocktail party. The evening is to commemorate the historic opening of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, ten years ago on the 26th November 1922, by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon.

Amongst the very first to enter the tomb on that infamous day was Robert Malloway who is taking this opportunity tonight to announce the new archaeological mission to open a recently discovered chamber within that very tomb. Archaeologists strongly believe it may be that of ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti. This expedition, sponsored by millionaire Sir Flinders Petrie, is causing great interest in Cairo…exciting times ahead.

It is hoped that none of the ‘King Tutankhamun’s Curses’ follow this new expedition!

Before you arrive in Egypt to board the ‘SUDAN’ you are advised to be inoculated against ‘Yellow Fever’, ‘Malaria’ and ‘Typhoid’.

Fringe Benefits

In September 1933, a number of theatre companies were preparing to present the very first International ‘Fringe’ Festival. One of these was the celebrated London company Celestial Productions – run by the eminent producer Cosmo Smallpiece.


Celestial Productions boasted ‘more stars that the firmament’ in its promotional literature and Cosmo was no stranger to successful acts over the years. He had started his career as a young man in the early 1920’s touring acts around the music halls. However, he was quick to realise that Music Halls were dying, and he wanted to promote high quality acts on professional theatre stages.


For the 1933 London ‘Fringe’ Festival, Cosmo has been invited by his good friend, the impresario/producer George Black, to present his very best act to be top of the bill at the opening Gala Night production at the 2200-seater London Palladium.


Wanting only the very best he had extended an invitation to the top touring artists to audition for him…someone will kill to get the role!

Yule Be Sorry

It’s the end of 1939. War is just around the corner but at Coombe House Hall, the festive season has definitely arrived!


Jemima Beauchamp has recently been acquitted of her husband’s murder and is throwing a party on Christmas Eve at her home to show everyone that she has no hard feelings.


The Village of Barkin-on-the Moor holds its breath to see what will happen when its most infamous resident returns.

But there are people in the quiet village who know much more than they are letting on and they know that Jemima will want to get even.

If you keep secrets this Christmas…Yule be sorry!!!!!


It is the evening before the 1937 Cheltenham Gold Cup, and the ballroom of the Queens Hotel on the Promenade Cheltenham is full to capacity with the great and the good of the British racing world.


It is the annual charity fundraising ball supporting local Children’s Charities and the mood in the room is buoyant and joyful! Race Horse owners, trainers and Jockeys rub shoulder to shoulder and the talk is all about one horse and one horse only… ‘GOLDEN MILLER’ . What were its chances of winning once again?


This year’s race could be memorable, and it looked like Racing History would be made in Cheltenham the following day.


Certainly, the Gold Cup would hit the headlines…but for quite the wrong reasons!